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SUGAR MAPLE silkscreened posters
  • SUGAR MAPLE silkscreened posters

    Sugar Maple, an eight-episode dramatic fiction podcast from #osirispod, is available now wherever you find podcasts.....we've created an 18"x24" silkscreened poster for the series, as well as a poster for each episode....posters will become available as epsiodes premiere...the series poster as well as episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available now


    the podcast stars Fred Savage as Terrance Woodridge, a diligent documentarian obsessed with finding an amazing guitar of legend—before it finds him. This podcast centers on a Fender Telecaster, rebuilt using a scrap of mysterious wood and dubbed Sugar Maple, which passes by strange circumstance to eight different owners over the years and decades. Each owner discovers the guitar and writes a single song on it … or is it, Terrance wonders, that the guitar writes a song using each of them? What pattern do the songs form? What power do they hold? And what will happen if Terrance can’t solve the puzzle in time? 


    the series poster, "from seed to root", is an edition of 400

    episode one poster, "the devils tree", is an edition of 150

    episode two poster, "boxcar" is an edition of 150

    episode three poster,  "almost everything" is an edition of 100

    episode four poster, "bird of prey", is an edition of 100


    you can purchase one print for $50 shipped,

    or any two prints for $80 shipped

    or one of each of the first five prints for $170




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