• school of happy fish

    in these crazy days of extreme separated togetherness,

    it's critically important to connect in every way possible....

    we're all on the same team, we all belong to one school of fish!


    in this new series, i will create a piece of original artwork just for you,

    with your name emblazoned on a unique fishy


    each is 4" x 4", and no prints will be made, just your original fishie


    the first you order is $25 shipped, the second $20, the third is $15, the fourth will be $10, and every additional fishie is just $5...

    when you order, you can specify if the additional fishies should be shipped to a different address

    (go ahead and surprise somebody with some love!)


    shipping is included and you'll likely get a sticker or a few thrown in as well


    so far we have over 700 fishies in the school so far!


    i've posted pics of the first 168 right here, and i'll post the entire series on the "art of ryan kerrigan" facebook page....watch our school grow! can you find yours?



    and thank you so much for supporting art 

      how many fishies?

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