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ORIGINAL ART: moksha greek afterparty 2010
  • ORIGINAL ART: moksha greek afterparty 2010


    august 5-7, 2010

    blakes on telegraph, berkeley california

    3 night run of of late night shows after the greek phish shows


    in the summer of 2010, while taking a late night stroll through the campgrounds at the high sierra music festival, i stumbled upon a sound that struck me just right....i followed it to a small gathering around a trio rocking under the full moon....the groove was so tasty, i planted myself there for the next hour until they took a break...i believe i introduced myself by saying something like, "hello, i need to work for you!"


    it just so happened that they had a very important run of late night shows booked the following month at blakes, a basement dive on telegraph avenue in berzerkeley, just down the street from the greek theater....the shows would be the late night parties after phish, and thus, a poster was born


    i ended up creating many many posters for moksha but this first one, in retrospect, is one of my favorite posters i have ever created for anyone!


    this is the original artwork used to create my poster for the run

    11" x 6"

    black pen on paper

    $100 shipped



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