its not a tapestry, its not a tarp, its a TARPESTRY!

i am very excited to be teaming up withthe folks at TARPESTRY

there are two kerrigan tarpestries available, INSTRUMENTS, and MANDALA GRANDE


the MANDALA GRANDE  tarpestry is 5' x 5'


The Tarpestry is a soft and durable weather-resistant outdoor blanket that puts a layer between you and nature, with style.  


The base fabric of each Tarpestry is a urethane-coated and heavy duty polyester.  This provides a buffer from the occasional unpleasantries, giving water repellency and UV protection. The upper fabric varies by style, ranging from 100% cotton to weather-resistant polyester.  There are four grommet rings included, one on each corner. Use the grommet rings to hang the Tarpestry up for privacy or sun/rain/wind protection and stake the Tarpestry down in the grass or sand when windy.  Additionally, Tarpestrys include a corner velcro pocket for storage.


Tarpestrys are the perfect companion for picnics, beach trips, hikes, camping trips, outdoor concerts, sporting events and much more.


Treat the Tarpestry like a tarp! Shake it out when it’s dirty, rinse it off with a hose when it’s really dirty. If your Tarpestry needs a machine wash, use a machine without an agitator. Cold cycle, mild soap, hang to dry.