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DOGS IN A PILE poster (AUGUST 9 + 10, 2023)

DOGS IN A PILE poster (AUGUST 9 + 10, 2023)

—ONE MIGHT SPECULATE— Thousands of years ago, glaciers carved through the white mountains of New Hampshire….a particular cliff, when viewed from a certain direction, formed the profile of man…it was revered by native peoples as the “great stone face”….the first written accounts of “the old man of the mountain” appeared in the early 1800s, just a few short years before the construction of Newmarket’s stone church…the face became the symbol of New Hampshire, now seen on all license plates and highway signs….centuries of freezing and thawing caused the granite ledges to shift and loosen, until, in 2003, the stone crumbled toward the lake below….one might speculate, just what did the cliff look like before humans noticed it….


18" x 24" edition of 40

commemorating the august 2023 two night stand

at the stone church in newmarket new hampshire


i have a few AP's available

$55 each, free shipping

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