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A PACK OF CARDS: 2021 fineas del bonta-smith
  • A PACK OF CARDS: 2021 fineas del bonta-smith

    A PACK OF CARDS: 2021 fineas del bonta-smith

    original artwork, along with the original card

    artwork is 14"x17",  (20" x 30" framed ...triple matted, museum glass)

    pen, pencil, and marker


    A few years ago, early in the pandemic, a finally dug into a project I’d been dreaming about literally for decades….I called it “A PACK OF CARDS”


    I reimagined and kerriganized some of my most favorite baseball cards from my life long love of the hobby….and then the artwork is framed along with the original card 


    This past July, while vending at high sierra music festival in california, I had a few of the completed pieces hanging in my booth.  A woman came in and was very interested in the project and inquired about commissioning a piece...


    Being near the bay area I had a hunch she was going to ask about an san francisco giant or an oakland athletic….but then she explained that her son was currently a pitcher in the colorado rockies system!  and thus was born an aspect of this project I hadn’t considered…creating a piece for a minor leaguer of a card I had not yet seen!


    The final framed artwork was presented to fineas as a surprise on christmas

    Here is the 2021 spokane fineas del bonta-smith addition to the PACK OF CARDS series, the first current ballplayer in the series!


    (as always, beautifully framed by bpaul studio )


    ~~the PACK OF CARDS series~~

    growing up i was obsessed with baseball cards

    i collected as many as i could get my hands on,  and i studied them!

    the artwork, the stats, everything, i couldn't get enough

    literally every dime i made on my paper route went to cards

    baseball cards taught me about math, statistics, economics, spelling,

    geography, graphic design, on and on....

    and they became an integral part of my love for the game


    in this series, i will be revisiting and reimagining some of my favorite cards.

    each piece of original art will be framed along with the original card,

    double, sometimes triple matted, with museum glass

    (there won't be any prints made, just the originals)




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