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A PACK OF CARDS: 1983 wade boggs
  • A PACK OF CARDS: 1983 wade boggs

    A PACK OF CARDS: 1983 topps wade boggs

    original artwork, along with the original card

    20" x 30" framed (double matted, museum glass)

    pen, pencil, and marker

    $1000 shipped


    growing up i adopted by dad's favorite player, carl yastrzemski, but in 1982, when the sox called up a young third baseman named wade boggs, i had MY guy.


    throughout the summer my day began the same way every day....i'd jump out of bed and make my way to the papers on the corner to begin my route, but first, i would check the box score from last nights game specifically to see how wade did....i'd calculate how good a game he'd need that night to keep his average over .350


    every january, the new hampshire union leader (newspapers, remember them?) held their annual baseball dinner...the evening would start with an autograph session, then a dinner followed by baseball speeches/ was usually red sox heavy, with local connections sprinkled in, and some pretty heavy hall of fame names....we went every year, and it was january 1983 i was particularly excited that wade boggs, as well as yaz, were going to be there.


    the baseball cards for the 1983 season came out earlier than usual that year....i was able to pick up a box of packs at Collector's Heaven in manchester NH just days before the dinner....i  was hoping/aiming for the players who were scheduled to be there, and definitely screamed when i found the boggs rookie card, knowing that i could then get him to sign it a few days later....i like to think that i was possibly the first person to have him sign that card! 


    ~~the PACK OF CARDS series~~

    growing up i was obsessed with baseball cards

    i collected as many as i could get my hands on,  and i studied them!

    the artwork, the stats, everything, i couldn't get enough

    literally every dime i made on my paper route went to cards

    baseball cards taught me about math, statistics, economics, spelling,

    geography, graphic design, on and on....

    and they became an integral part of my love for the game


    in this series, i will be revisiting and reimagining some of my favorite cards.

    each piece of original art will be framed along with the original card,

    double, sometimes triple matted, with museum glass

    (there won't be any prints made, just the originals)


    i'll add progress pics so you can follow the creation of each piece


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