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A PACK OF CARDS: 1975 robin yount
  • A PACK OF CARDS: 1975 robin yount

    A PACK OF CARDS: 1975 robin yount

    original artwork, along with the original card

    artwork is 14"x17",  (and will be 20" x 30" framed ...double matted, museum glass)

    pen, pencil, and marker

    $1000 shipped


    (note: i will add a picture of the framed piece when completed....please check out the other cards in the series to get an idea of what the framed piece will look like!)


    the latest installment of my PACK OF CARDS series features one of my favorite players from my childhood, the milwaukie brewers' robin yount...he lead with consistency throughout the 80s, and showed remarkable versatality, winning the AL MVP in 1982 as a shortstop, and then after a mid career shift to the outfield, won another MVP in 1989....i've always loved the classic pose and vivid colors of his 1975 topps rookie card


    ~~the PACK OF CARDS series~~

    growing up i was obsessed with baseball cards

    i collected as many as i could get my hands on,  and i studied them!

    the artwork, the stats, everything, i couldn't get enough

    literally every dime i made on my paper route went to cards

    baseball cards taught me about math, statistics, economics, spelling,

    geography, graphic design, on and on....

    and they became an integral part of my love for the game


    in this series, i will be revisiting and reimagining some of my favorite cards.

    each piece of original art will be framed along with the original card,

    double, sometimes triple matted, with museum glass

    (there won't be any prints made, just the originals)




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