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2018 hand painted baseball #7
  • 2018 hand painted baseball #7

    2018 baseball #7
    Hand painted official MLB ball


    Throughout the heyday of my baseball card collecting career (grade 4 thru grade 10 or so) my partner in crime was a guy from down the street, Kevin Coriaty....kevy c and I would spend hours and hours wheelin’ and dealin’....we learned the hobby together and pretty much knew each other’s collections as well as our own....99% of our deals were agonizingly even, sometimes taking weeks to come to terms....but there’s one particular trade that I came out on top, like way on top, but at the time both of us were quite pleased....somehow Kevin had acquired a 1910 sporting life cy young card...yeah, the guy the award is named after.....this was the mid 1980’s and rookie cards were all the rage....I had never even seen a cy young card in person, most hadn’t! It was hard to find info on ancient cards like that but I knew I wanted it in my another of our weeks-long negotiating sessions began....ultimately I was going to get that one card and he would get a stack of cards from me, which kept getting larger and larger... he understandably didn’t want to part with it but I figured I would overpay for the opportunity to acquire a card that I knew, there was a pretty good chance I may not ever see another one....a total of 6 don mattingly rookies (including three of the seemingly uber scarce 1984 donruss), 6 Daryl strawberry rookies, 6 Jose canseco 1986 donruss rookies (the hottest card on the market at the time), plus a mark mcgwire 1985 rookie and a couple 1985 doc Gooden rookies....quite a stash.....I was paying deeply and I knew, none of those cards are worth what they were in 1986,and I still have my prized cy young, sorry Kev! 😜


    In celebration of the 2018 baseball season , here is the seventh of nine hand painted baseballs I released on opening day...each unique ball comes in a clear UV display cube

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