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2018 hand painted baseball #6
  • 2018 hand painted baseball #6

    2018 baseball #6
    Hand painted official MLB ball


    In 2003 my birthday fell on a cool September Tuesday....the a’s were playing at home so of course that’s where we were headed....our crew was about a dozen strong that night, celebrating in the first row of our regular section, just inside the right field fair pole...our fav player on that squad was right fielder jermaine dye, who would often acknowledge us during the game....a late season Tuesday night in Oakland was predictably sparsely attended, so it felt like you could carry on conversations with guys on the field....dye is a great guy and was clearly enjoying the good natured and often absurd cheers from our crew.....about the third inning it was time to refuel, and our whole group decided it was time for a beer run...”but wait!” I said, dye was due up first that next half inning...we’d basically been joking with him all game and there was no way I was gonna miss his at the crew agreed to hold off on the refills and cheer on our guy scouting reports were spot on: first pitch, WHACK! A long looping drive right at...ME! I calmly stood up, raised my glove, and cleanly hauled in the only in game homerun ball I have ever awesome if unspectacular catch, but our little section of birthday revelers went nuts!


    In celebration of the 2018 baseball season , here is the sixth of nine hand painted baseballs I released on opening day...each unique ball comes in a clear UV display cube

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