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2018 hand painted baseball #5
  • 2018 hand painted baseball #5

    2018 baseball #5
    Hand painted official MLB ball


    My grandma used to work at her church thrift shop, and one day she brought home a large shoebox full of baseball cards....this was the summer of 1979 and I knew nothing about cards yet....I devoured that box studying every last word and statistic....they were mostly 1978 and 1979 topps cards, filled with future hall of famers but the card that made the biggest impact on me featured a pitcher on the Montreal expos, joe kerrigan! What? There’s a kerrigan in the major leagues!?!?!? I was thrilled....a few years later as I got deeper into a baseball card obsession that dominated my youth, I started to write to players asking for autographs...back then most players happily returned my cards signed....I found out that joe kerrigan was now coaching in Montreal so I sent him my 1978 card with a handwritten letter explaining how excited I was to see “kerrigan” on a baseball card....For the return address on the envelope i wrote “ a fellow kerrigan”, slapped a stamp on there, sent it off and kinda forgot about it...later that summer I got a package in the mail from “a fellow kerrigan”! I opened it up to find not only the card I had sent, signed, but also a signed photograph, a team photo, and a signed baseball!.....i don’t think my feet touched the ground for a month....joe kerrigan, class act


    In celebration of the 2018 baseball season , here is the fifth of nine hand painted baseballs I released on opening day...each unique ball comes in a clear UV display cube

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