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2018 hand painted baseball #2
  • 2018 hand painted baseball #2

    2018 baseball #2
    Hand painted official MLB ball

    Growing up in New England, I was already a pretty hard core Red Sox fan by the time I visited Fenway for the first time in 1978 at age 7....i loved seeing jim rice, Freddie Lynn, and my first MLB hero Carl Yastrzemski smack balls off the green monster on tv-38.....but when we walked up the ramp on the first base side, my entire vision filled by the impossibly perfect green of that massive wall, even as a little 7 year old, I understood I had arrived....look dad! The citgo sign! It’s real! The Sox beat the brewers that day, and rice hit a moonshot over the monster, but it’s that very first glimpse of that wall that still gives me chills thinking about it ðŸ˜


    In celebration of the 2018 baseball season , here is the second of nine hand painted baseballs I released on opening day...each unique ball comes in a clear UV display cube

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